Welcome! First Blog Post and The Buchholz Family

Welcome to KWH Photographs! I finally have a website up and running, and so hopefully this will allow easier viewing access of my photos to all.

Without wasting any time, let's get into my first blog post! After graduating from college in May, I have had the amazing fortune of living with my brother, Stacen, and sister-in-law, Nicole, in Philadelphia, and getting to nanny for my adorable baby nephew, Sebastian. 

A couple of weeks ago, everyone's busy schedules finally aligned, and we were able to shoot a beautiful evening family session. It was an opportunity for the family to get all dressed up and venture out into the beautiful golden hour light of South Center Philly. Without further ado, the beautiful Buchholz Family!

We started out by heading to a place I'd been wanting to try out for awhile... the top of a cool parking garage right around the corner from where we live!

This next one was supposed to be a nice one of just Stacen and Nicole, but Sebastian couldn't help crawling over to be closer to Mom and Dad!

As the sun started to get lower, we then headed a few streets over to a location I had accidentally found while on a walk a few days before. It was just a little side street, but the way the evening light shone through the overhanging trees was breathtaking.

As we were finishing up the duo shots of Mom and Dad, Sebastian let the water bottle he was playing with get away from him, causing Stacen and Nicole to start laughing...

...and for Sebastian to take off crawling down the street after it, complete with blanket trailing from his mouth!

Thank you for reading this, my very first blog post on my new website! I hope you enjoyed, and look forward to you coming back for more!