Heather | Fredericksburg Funk

Anyone who follows my stories on Instagram (@kwhphotographs) knows that I've been fairly obsessed with these images of Heather since taking them a couple of weeks ago. But when you work with someone as charismatic and fun to be around as Heather, you can't help but want to spend a morning with her on a photo shoot adventure around Downtown Fred.

Not pictured: That we were managing to shoot around a giant 4th of July street festival.


What Heather's wearing: 

Yellow shirt: Forever 21

Jean shorts: Goodwill

Shoes: Birkenstocks (purchased from Goodwill)

Sunglasses: Aerie

Bathing suit: Aerie

Overalls: Global Threads

Earrings: World Market

Necklace: Etsy

Editing Song: Jaymes Young - I'll Be Good (Live Rehearsal)